Dermatologist Tips For Skin Care


Dermatologists share the best advice for beautiful skin

  • Use any downtime to treat your skin – Keep your little bag with additional beauty treatments. You will then apply serum, an eye mask, teeth whitening strips, eyebrow gel, and more when you are in poor traffic (at a red light, of course).
  • To combat the wrinkles, practice a facial massage – Many individuals frown and scrunch their faces at night (including myself), leading to frown lines and crows feet. I do face acupressure at bedtime for a few minutes to relax my face. Click on your internal eyebrows, temples, and next to your nostrils, hold each for 10 seconds.
  • Hydrate the skin from inside out and from inside outside – The quantity of water you drink every day does not translate into adequate body hydration, despite what you hear all the time. It is vital to hydrate your skin with serums, creams, and hydrating mists from the outside.
  • Avoid the drying of hot showers – Never wash your face with warm water, it’s too hard. Only the sink’s tepid water.
  • First apply your neck, chest, and hands with sunscreen – Apply sunscreen before the face to the throat, chest, and hands – these regions age quicker and are more difficult to enhance than the face. We often forget to apply sunscreen even if they are as vulnerable as the face.
  • To combat swelling in a crisis, use hydrocortisone – Instead of moisturizer and eye cream, exfoliate the skin the night before a large case and use over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream. It is an anti-inflammatory that is responsible for any swelling, under the eye bags, puffiness, and redness. Just don’t abuse it, it has its side effects, like anything used in extreme quantities.
  • Keep a light peel within reach of the arm if you need to quickly refresh yourself – In case you get a Tinder game you want to meet or have beverages with your boss, always have a mini spa treatment prepared. For example, wipes of glycolic or salicylic acid, a light moisturizer, and lip polish.
  • Never scratch your eyes – If you’re scrubbing your eyes like a pot, your eyes will look like a vase in black! When the eye makeup is removed, wipe off the mascara softly as if you touch an egg.
  • Let your lips guide the routine of your skin care – One tip to know when your skin is prepared for seriously creamy moisturizers: first, your lips feel dry, so you know the moisture has fallen and it’s time for more moisture
  • No flying without SPF – I placed sunscreen, Chanel UV Essentiel 50, on flights ahead of the day as UVA passes through the windows of the aircraft. I’m also sitting on the floor
  • See the skin-saving fatty acids menu – Your skin is immensely influenced by your diet. Avoid starchy vegetables and sophisticated carbohydrates, including white bread and rice, and opt instead for ingredients elevated in the omega-3’s, as well as for fatty acids, such as avocado and salmon.

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