How To Keep Your Baby’s Skin Hydrated


Having a baby as part of your family is exciting but it can also be rather demanding when you’re new to this situation. Babies come with so much responsibility and there are a lot of things that you must take care of and prevent. A baby’s skin is so delicate that you have to work gently with it otherwise it could become dry. So you have to take care of your baby’s skin and keep it hydrated every day.

For the delicate skin of new born babies it is a good idea to use aqueous cream. This is a gentle cream that can be applied to the skin from head to toe to moisturise effectively without any harsh chemicals. You have a choice of creams for gentle effective moisturising and that is Purity Aqueous Cream, Bennetts Aqueous Cream and Johnsons Aqueous Cream. These options have been used by mothers for years and have shown to be effective on most babies’ skins.

You can also add baby oil to the bath water. This will soften the harshness of the water and give it a gentle softness while it moisturises your baby’s skin during bath time. Simply add a few drops to the water. Not too much otherwise the bath will become too oily and that could cause the bath to be very slippery. Make sure that you always have a good grip on your baby to ensure that they do not slip in the bath while you’re washing them. Bath time should be fun and the young ones simply love splashing around in the water. There are some varieties of baby oils that are infused with natural aromas to give the added benefit of gentle sleep and relaxation for your little one.

Petroleum jelly by Elizabeth Anne or Johnsons is another way to soften very dry skin particularly on the hands and feet or possibly the lips. It has a wonderful way of sealing in the moisture and preventing the harsh dryness that some babies may have on their skin. For little ones that like to walk barefoot, this could be a good solution for their feet after the evening bath time. Moisturise the little feet after the bath put on their night clothes ensuring that their feet are covered so that the moisture can be sealed in. While your little one is sleeping, their tiny feet will get soft again so that they can enjoy walking around and playing again the next day.

Looking after your baby’s delicate skin can feel like an intimidating task. But if you follow a few basic routine actions and use gentle moisturising creams that don’t contain any chemicals or scents then you can rest assured that your baby is well taken care of. You will probably use a lot of moisturisers so you could stock up at a cash and carry wholesaler so that you don’t run out of your favourite moisturiser. If you notice that your little one has any allergic reactions to any type of moisturiser then it’s best to go to a medical doctor for a consultation. Your baby’s wellbeing always comes first.

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