Better Way To Prevent Acne Breakout And Blemishes


Acne is the 8th most common and a dreaded skin condition among adolescents that is caused due to the over activity of sebaceous glands, fired by androgen hormone. It predominantly affects the areas of skin which have relatively high concentration of sebaceous or oil glands that includes the face, upper part of the chest, and back. Excessive oil secreted by sebaceous glands along with the dead skin, clog the hair follicles and form a comedo, generically called as pimple. These clogged hair follicles later become the breeding ground for otherwise harmless and commensal bacteria – P.acnes, that irritates the skin and cause inflamed and infected acne, which usually leaves a dark mark at its site due to the accumulation of melanin following post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.

What could be an ideal treatment modality for acne?

Predominantly, acne is caused due to clogging of hair follicles with a deadly mix of dead cell debris and oil or sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands and this beaver dam swelling into a comedo that later becomes the breeding ground for P.acnes, an otherwise harmless bacterium, resulting into an infection and inflammation. Ideally, the treatment of acne should be to target the root cause i.e excess sebum secretion, which is possible with powerful medications like isotretinoin, anti androgens such as cyproterone acetate and spironolactone, oral oestrogens, etc, but their side effect profile are more of an impediment in their use for this common condition and therefore recommended very selectively, in extreme cases only, under strict medical supervision. Then, the other and much safer alternative is to regularly cleanse the clogged follicles while simultaneously targeting the colony of P.acnes bacterium by utilising the cleansing and antibacterial powers of premium face wash containing Quarternium-73 with Lactic acid and a mild cleanser.

How to prevent acne breakouts?

Quarternium-73, otherwise also known as Pionin, is an excellent acne buster. Physically, Quarternium-73 is a yellowish crystalline powder that has an excellent antimicrobial activity at a very low concentration. It splendidly inhibits the growth of various bacteria and fungi and particularly exhibits a strong anti bacterial activity against Propionibacterium acnes, the main culprit responsible for suppurative acne and blemishes, by inhibiting the enzyme metabolism of bacteria, as well as disrupting the structural proteins in the cell wall and membrane of P.acnes.

Quarternium-73 is a first choice ingredient for anti acne preparations worldwide because of anti bacterial activity against P.acnes and its powerful inhibiting action against melanin production, which is almost comparable to a regular anti melanin agent like Kojic acid, that prevents the post inflammatory hyper pigmentation or Acne marks. And the best part is its high safety profile, as it is active against bacteria at a very low MIC (minimum inhibitory concentration).

Faces wash with a difference

“Prevention is better than cure” and the most effective prevention of acne is to rein in the growth of P.acnes while unclogging the follicles by exfoliating the comedones and cleanse them of dead cells and excess sebum. I tried Azalea acne face wash which does exactly that or rather more.

Azalea acne face wash is fortified with Quarternium-73, that provides highly efficient anti-bacterial and anti melanin action that kills P.acnes and also effectively prevents acne marks, thus making it the best anti acne face wash. In addition to this, it also exfoliates the comedones to remove dead skin cells and therefore unclogs the follicles with Lactic Acid and prevents acne breakouts. The Deep cleansing action of Azalea Acne Face Wash clears excess sebum from the facial skin without drying it out, with the moisturizing powers of Aloe. It is a premium Face Wash that is well tolerated and safe for sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin, even with daily use.

So grab a bottle of Azalea and get rid of your acne woes…………

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