Smile And Shine With Skin Whitening Treatment


Silky smooth skin is a desire that cannot be accomplished in this growing world. Pollution, the piercing rays of the sun, and hectic lifestyle that we lead are all the barriers in our path to radiant skin. The seemingly easiest way to achieve this is by slathering a fairness cream that promises a lot but delivers none. Don’t frown as there is an entire zoner in medical science that deals with beautification of your skin.

Skin whitening treatment is a procedure that makes your skin tone lighter than the natural one. Melanin is the hormone that is guilty of our dark skin tone. Hence bringing a decrease in the amount of melanin can make us visibly fairer. This is a medical procedure and should only be attempted by professionals. Hence visit a doctor for skin whitening treatment.


The doctor will diagnose your skin and inform about all the treatments that can be undertaken to achieve the silky smooth skin since you deserve it any day. Here is a brief of different procedures undertaken for skin whitening-

  • Laser treatment– This advanced technique exposes the skin to a concentrated beam of laser light. Hence the darker cells, i.e. melanin, are destroyed. The rejuvenated skin is fair and healthy in all aspects. Multiple sessions might be needed until the patients secure the desired skin tone.
  • Dermabrasion– A device is rapidly rotated on the skin that removes the outer layer. This process may cause bleeding and bruising. However, it will all be in a controlled state. The skin that is revealed will have lower contents of melanin. The visibly radiant skin will appear once the wounds heal.
  • Chemical Peel– Chemical peeling has multiple advantages other than skin whitening. It removes spots and also treats wrinkles. It is the least invasive procedure. A chemical solution namely salicylic acid or carbolic acid is applied in the skin. This creates a wound that eventually peels and reveals a fairer skin tone devoid of nasty spots.
  • Injections– ‘Glutathione’ is the skin lightening agent that is injected into the skin. It targets the growth of melanin. Also, a considerable reverse is seen as the dark melanins turns light. It also reduces melanocytes that are responsible for producing melanin.
  • Skin whitening creams– Doctors may also prescribe a cream as part of whitening treatment. Usually, these creams contain medications like hydroquinone and some corticosteroids. These chemicals work by reducing the concentration of melanin and limiting its further production. However, it is necessary to know that these creams can cause serious adverse effects is not used in the proper method. Hence buy them only if the doctor prescribes and thoroughly follow his instructions.

Side Effects

Irritation, inflammation, bruising, swelling and blistering are possible side effects of the whitening treatments. In normal conditions, these fade within a couple of weeks and one can bask in the glory of radiant skin tone. Acute complications such as scarring and visible blood vessels happen to almost 1% of patients. However, if you are one among them do not hesitate to dial your doctor as these can be reversed.


Recovery times varies according to the procedure. If you are indulging in a mild surgery a couple of weeks will be enough o return to your true self. However, aggressive methods may take more than 3 weeks.

Post-Treatment Guidelines

Doctors will instruct you with some simple methods to follow after the procedure. These will help you to recover soon and maximize the benefits of skin whitening treatments.

  • Avoid contact with the sun
  • In case you need to venture out use a sunscreen
  • Use mild cleansers that are also fragrance-free
  • Properly hydrate your body by consuming enough fluids
  • Maintain a basic routine
  • Follow up at the doctor’s clinic


Achieving a fairly decent skin doesn’t need a medical procedure if you are one of those who follows the basic routine. Here are some care tips to help you rebuff these procedures for some more time.

  • Follow proper CTM routine. It involves cleaning, toning, and moisturizing your skin daily
  • Do not dare the sun. Apply sunscreen and cover your body as much as possible
  • Exfoliate once or twice a week but be gentle
  • Include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetable in your diet
  • Drink a lot of water

Skin whitening treatments are safe and can empower you. Invest some time for your body and go for it without apprehensions.

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