Jojoba Beads in The Cosmetics Industry


Jojoba is also known as Simmondsia Chinensis in botanical terms.

Jojoba contains vitamins A, D, and E which are known as skin healing vitamins. Vitamin E combined with other antioxidants can protect our skin from sun damage but jojoba oil contains both in it which makes it more reliable & efficient to use.

These beads are made from the jo-jo-ba shrub, which grows in Desert of Arizona, Mexico & California. This jo-jo-ba shrub produces large seeds which are brown in color and from these seeds a wax called jojoba oil is extracted. Jojoba oil is the golden color which is pure, non-toxic and biodegradable in nature.

Jo-jo-ba wax, in its fully Solid or hydrogenated form with the addition of hydrogen, is referred to as jojoba beads. The shape of jo-jo-ba seeds and color are evocative of coffee beans. It looks similar to coffee beans but if we see properly will come to know that jojoba beads are larger than coffee beans

The most useful natural exfoliator- Jojoba beads

The most important benefits or plus point of Jojoba beads are they are hypoallergenic (relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction to our skin). They can be stored for a long period of time and has a high shelf life compare to other oils. Most plant oils readily oxidize or go rancid but Jojoba oil does not oxidize easily and will not turn rancid compared to other oils which are a plus point for it. As there molecular structure resists rancidity, it has an extensive shelf life and is comparatively stable.

Jojoba beads are a common ingredient in much personal cares & cosmetic product like face-wash, cleansers, soaps, Face, hand and body lotions, moisturizers, hair shampoos, conditioners, scrubs, lipstick, make-up, cleansing product. The main use of jojoba beads is to exfoliate the skin. One of the main reasons they are so commonly used is because they are gently clean and do not damage the skin.

Jojoba Beads are the popular vegan product, made from hydrogenated jojoba oil and are natural exfoliants used throughout the personal-care and soap industry. These beads are encapsulated in spherical shape increasing the shelf life and safe from any reaction.

These encapsulated beads are called Jojoba beads which are odorless & perfect for bar soap, body, and facial washes, cleansers, shower gels, scrubs, moisturizer and more! They enhance your product and their gentle exfoliation makes it feel incredible on the skin. These spheres are so soft and gentle that they won’t scratch delicate skin like shells.

Jojoba beads are a natural form of beads and it is been crafted from Jojoba seeds. The plus point of using these beads is they rinse off easily and are 100% biodegradable. This Ultra-gentle exfoliation system polishes the skin, revealing a brighter complexion.

Depending upon the size of beads they are been used. As the Smaller size of beads are more preferred for facial, while the medium-sized beads are added to body products. Larger sizes jojoba beads are added in feet related creams & lotions.

90% of Jojoba oil is been used in a beauty product. For the moisturizing we have Soft jojoba beads, these softer beads can be crushed against the skin allowing the skin to absorb the beads and their moisturizing properties.

There are 17 benefits of Jojoba beads for the skin.

  1. It is moisturizing
  2. It is antibacterial
  3. It is an antioxidant
  4. It is non-comedogenic
  5. It is antiviral
  6. It is antifungal
  7. It is analgesic
  8. It is anti-inflammatory
  9. It is hypoallergenic( relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.)
  10. It helps control sebum production
  11. It helps promote collagen synthesis
  12. It helps speed up wound healing
  13. It helps soothe eczema, psoriasis, and other drying skin conditions
  14. It helps soothe sunburns
  15. It helps treat acne
  16. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  17. It helps minimize the appearance of scars

Jojoba oil is the scientifically proven best oil for hair as the fact that jojoba is the only oil whose molecular structure is similar to sebum (the oil that the scalp naturally produces) and It has a very long shelf life.

Thus using these Spheres in your product will enhance the utility & end-user experience.

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