What Does Ayurveda Suggest About Psoriasis


It is a well-known fact that ayurveda is an ancient science that is being used since centuries to manage numbers of health issues or you can say almost all types of diseases or disorders suffered by the human body. It is a traditional treatment approach towards management of illnesses or other health problems that may be suffered by us in day to day life or even chronically. In ayurvedic medicine system, you can find cure for almost all types of diseases and disorders. At least, it offers most excellent options or ways to manage the symptoms associated with different types of diseases or disorders that may be acute or chronic, serious or common in nature. Same holds true for -psoriasis management as well.

As we all know psoriasis is identified as an itching and irritating skin condition that makes the life of the sufferer quite miserable. The constant itching and irritation caused on the skin makes the person restless all the times. The symptoms get aggravated upon exposure to the minor triggering factors. As per psoriasis ayurvedic viewpoint, it is believed to be caused due to imbalance of the two doshas in the human body. These doshas are ‘Vata’ and ‘Kapha’ doshas. When there is disturbance in the overall body energies and imbalance occurs in these two doshas inside the body then the problem of psoriasis arises in the body. It is classified as a ‘Kusjtha’ health condition as per ayurvedic practitioners. In simple words, it is a chronic condition which is referred to as ‘Krucchasadhya’ as per ayurvedic science. Also it is considered to be ‘asadhya’ or what we commonly call as incurable in our language.

Due to aggravation of the Vata dosha in the body, the skin becomes dry and hence scaling starts arising on the skin which is a major symptom of this skin condition. In the same manner, the imbalance and aggravation of the Kapha dosha in the body leads to itching and incessant growth of the skin cells. Again this is a major symptom of psoriasis. Since it is the imbalance of these two doshas that is the chief culprit behind occurrence of psoriasis as per ayurvedic viewpoint therefore it is very much important to bring about the normal balance amidst the two. And it is best possible by paying attention to multiple aspects related to the human body.

The major aspects out of these include diet and lifestyle. By sticking to balanced and healthy diet, one may certainly retain normal balance amidst all the body energies or the doshas. In the same way, healthy lifestyle plus good habits are also important in this respect. Excessively salty, sour or acidic foods need to be avoided in this regard. It is due to the reason that all these may lead to aggravation of the symptoms related to psoriasis. Meditation and Pranayam also works wonder in managing this condition well as per psoriasis ayurvedic perspective.

Psoriasis ayurvedic approach towards management of this skin condition is in fact a safer and reliable option as it is totally risk-free in all respects.

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